Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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875941249587525 Happy Cinco de Mayo!

…and no, it doesn’t stand for the 5th of Mayonnaise…it means “The 5th of May” – Many people think Cinco De Mayo is a celebration of Mexican Independence Day, but that date is actually September 16… On that date in 1810 Mexico became independent from Spanish rule.  Cinco de Mayo actually acknowledges the Mexican Army’s defeat of the French in the Battle of Puebla (May 5, 1862).  So…maybe while you’re eating Mexican food, you can order french fries, smash them to a pulp, and throw them away.  (to symbolize the defeat of the French) – and also, while you’re celebrating tonight, be careful – for your sake AND the sake of others!  Making it to the 6th of May is pretty important!

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