“Glee” Brings Us Grilled Cheesus

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green glee 385 Glee Brings Us Grilled Cheesus

Episode 3 of “Glee” takes us to a whole new level of gastronomy by giving us a look at what happens when an apparition shows up on Finn’s grilled cheese sandwich.  Finn, not being the brightest bulb in the glee club, takes it from there.  Take a look at Tuesday’s promo and the rumored music set list…

Set list:

1) “Only the Good Die Young” / Billy Joel
2) “Bridge Over Troubled Water” / Simon & Garfunkle
3) “One of Us” / Joan Osbourne
4) “Papa Can You Hear Me” / Barbra Streisand, Yentl
5) “I Look to You” / Whitney Houston
6) “I Want To Hold Your Hand” / The Beatles
7) “Losing My Religion” / R.E.M.

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