Heidi Klum Promotes Project Runway By Taking It All Off

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(Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images for IMG)

(Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images for IMG)

There are few people on earth who love Project Runway more than I do, and those people are probably winners of the show. Seriously, I cried when Christian Siriano won. And Mondo?! The best. I even swore off the entire show after that annoying Aaron guy but I got past it all and came back, because true love is unconditional.

It’s been too long since I have had the chance to hear Tim Gunn’s voice and see Michael Kors’ eye roll but the wait is almost over and Heidi Klum is so darn excited that she has forgotten to put on clothes for the provocative new Project Runway Ad campaign…

Most men would agree that Heidi Klum in nothing but a tie is a dream come true but isn’t this show supposed to appeal to gay men and all women? (I mean, it is on Lifetime). Apparently, sex sells no matter what and this ad got my attention so mission accomplished. I also really want to know what Heidi does to get that body after she pops out all these kids. Is she a cyborg?

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Season 9 starts July 28th, eeeeeeee! Check out all my past Project Runway Coverage here.

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