Top 10 Ways To Relax On Labor Day Weekend (On The Cheap) (page 8)

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Photo by Oli Scarff//Getty Images

Photo by Oli Scarff//Getty Images

3. Plan A Staycation In Your Town

tourist chip somodevilla getty images Top 10 Ways To Relax On Labor Day Weekend (On The Cheap)

Photo by Chip Somodevilla//Getty Images

If you can’t afford to go on a vacation, take a staycation! There are probably reasons why a tourist would come to your town. Act like a tourist for a couple days and do things that tourists would normally do–and you wouldn’t be caught dead doing on an average day.

Go see your local historical monuments and take touristy pictures. Go on a tour. Buy kitschy local souvenirs. Enjoy your city like an outsider and you might get a better perspective of it.

Tip: Walk everywhere if you can. Many tourists don’t rent cars or know their way around a town. Try to absorb your city in a different way.

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