Collectors Hit the Jackpot at Blueberry Hill

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Blueberry Hill

If you have ever been to Blueberry Hill in the University City Loop, you have no doubt spent time looking at the decades of memorabilia on display.  Cartoons,  Rock and Roll, Sports and Movies are all well represented.

Sunday,  for the first time, collectors were allowed to buy the displayed items in the first ever “Pop Culture Collectibles Garage Sale”

Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards said he just ran out of space and after years of politely turning down offers finally decided to let the public loose on the hundreds of items that have been on display at the restaurant for the last 40 years.


Read the story from STL Today by clicking here

This is my favorite item on display at Blueberry Hill.

abbot and costello Collectors Hit the Jackpot at Blueberry Hill


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