This is What “Random Acts of Kindness” Are All About

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You may have  heard about New York City Police Officer Lawrence DePrimo who noticed a man who was not only homeless but completely barefoot on an extremely cold night.   Officer DePrimo walked into a nearby shoe store and bought the man a pair of heavy socks and waterproof boots out his own pocket.  He even helped the man put the socks and boots on.

The officer then stood up and walked away, asking for nothing.  No attention, no press.  A true act of kindness on the part of Officer DePrimo.

A tourist from Arizona was so moved by the scene she snapped the picture that has now been become a symbol for truly unconditional kindness.

Do something kind for someone, not just today, not just for the Christmas season, but for always.

Thank you Officer Lawrence DePrimo.

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