10 Reasons Why You Should Be Following Richard Marx on Twitter in 2013

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(Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BMI)

(Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BMI)

This year we have a simple New Years resolution for you: start following Richard Marx on Twitter.

Sure, he’s a talented songwriter, but did you know he’s also a very skillful tweeter?

Richard manages to make anything from his music career to auto-correct to the Pope seem funny.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the 10 reasons why we believe you should start paying attention to Richard’s tweets in 2013.

He knows his music. Well, sort of knows.

He’s not interested in using comic sans to express himself.

He’s not afraid to poke a little fun at himself, or Christopher Walken for that matter.

And definitely doesn’t mind having a little fun with his fans.

He stands for the truth and is staunchly anti-hurricane, despite what you may have heard.

He’s as confused as we are about the decisions auto-correct makes.

He makes vocal problems seems a lot funnier than they really should be.

He created a show we’d really like to watch.

He likes a good “I’m so drunk right now” joke as much as the rest of us or at least as much as Blake Shelton.

And most importantly, Richard makes us wish the Pope would step up his Twitter game.

- Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

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