Ladies and Gentlemen, the Chickeneers!

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62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

Jimmy Fallon is doing some amazingly funny things on “Late Night” and he is getting very high profile guests to play along.

Last night Blake Shelton was a guest on “Late Night” and Blake joined Jimmy for an all clucking version of the Lumineers’ song “Ho Hey” as the group, the Chickeneers.

So I try to imagine what the conversation was like asking Blake to participate in this sketch.  “…Ok so Blake we’re going to have to sing “Ho Hey” with Jimmy Fallon, in chicken suits, and oh yeah you’re going to cluck your way through the song.  Sound good?  Awesome, thanks Blake”

Where is Ed Sullivan to introduce this band??

This will be the funniest video you watch today, so enjoy!!

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