Best Cardinals Locker Room Celebration Ever

Greg Hewitt
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Credit: CBS St. Louis Greg Hewitt
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What with the baseball season now upon us, I want to give a  big league hat-tip to Matt Sebek over at for bringing this video to our attention.  It’s footage from Eyewitness News–Channel 5 (That’s what they called it back in the day)–of  the Cardinals locker room celebration after clinching the  1987 division championship.

A very dapper looking Dick Ford and Karen Foss pitch it to a very young Mike Bush (who apparently hasn’t aged a day in the last 25 years)–who proceeds to hand it over to an even younger looking Art Holliday inside the locker room.

That’s where things get interesting.  There’s so much to like about this, not the least of which is what appears to be an extremely drunk Cards outfielder Vince Coleman celebrating the championship.

It does beg the question though–If this celebration is taking place right after the end of the game–at what point did Vince actually start drinking?

Who cares at this point. Just sit back and take in this wonderful, drunken trip down memory lane.

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