How Many Shades of Grey Are There? Ask One Direction

steph duran
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(Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

(Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Credit: CBS St. Louis Steph Duran
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This month’s GQ Magazine is a special edition.  All the members of One Direction, the big, sexy, young, new, hot, ‘it’ band from the UK are on the covers. But GQ has one of them on a bunch of different covers. It depends which one you buy. Meaning, if you’re a true One Direction freak, you’re gonna be out there buying 5 different copies of the same magazine. GQ are quite the $$$ making machine. KAAACHING!


The accompanying interview with each band member is pretty wide ranging and about as open as the lads get. I said ‘lads’. Don’t I sound British? It touches on some subjects that I’m sure they’d rather not talk about. For instance, Harry Styles has been dogged for long, long, long time about being ‘secretly gay’. He denies being gay, is a little wishy-washy about not being bi-sexual but at least he brings that up. I think so many people forget that that is a category. It’s not just gay or straight. There’s as many preferences and orientations as there are colors of the rainbow. And at last somebody, ‘kind of’, brought that up.

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