It’s Shark Week EVERYWHERE!

Steph Duran
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Credit: CBS St. Louis Steph Duran
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As everyone and their grandmother knows, it’s ‘Shark Week‘ on The Discovery Channel. I’ll admit, I’m totally hooked. Get it? Hooked…he he he ha!!! Moving on. Anyway, ‘Shark Week‘ has become a yearly tradition much like the “Big ‘Ol Pro Football Game Who Shall Not Be Named”, Thanksgiving, Monopoly at McDonalds, the super coupon rage day at Shop ‘n Save…I’m sure you’ll agree, great traditions all!  But in ‘Shark Week’, we have something truly special. A HUGE cold-blooded, giant-toothed soulless eating machine! And if you’re in the water and he’s in the water, he’s looking for YOU, BABY!

The Discovery Channel just celebrates that. I ask you, is there anything wrong with that? It’s morbid maybe. Creepy for sure…but it’s a tradition now and as Americans, we love our traditions. So quit wincing, stand up, and find a way to get in on the sharky fun.

Here’s a way I found which is weird just like the fact we celebrate ‘Shark Week!!’

Let me scratch your back with my sharks!

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