Adults Asking Adults For Autographs?

Greg Hewitt (Follow me on Twitter @GregHewitSTL)
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(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
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Autographs–that is adults asking other adults for an autograph has always bothered me for some reason.  What is it that makes a signature so irresistible to some people?

I get it when we’re talking about a kid who wants a ballplayer to sign his baseball card or team jersey.  Perfectly understandable.

Again, the key word here is KID.

There is just something slightly creepy to me about watching a group of middle-aged men fawn over a celebrity or athlete just to get them to sign a t-shirt or poster.

Is their motive financial? Let’s be charitable here and say that maybe 25% of adults are looking to sell these autographs.  This still leaves 75%!   Exactly what they’re hoping to get out of it is what I can’t quite grasp.

Tiger Woods, who is mobbed by autograph seekers wherever he goes, took some heat yesterday at the PGA Open (I know, what a shock!) for appearing to ignore a group of people vying for his attention.   It turns out, he was actually trying to keep the people from knocking over a fence and falling over a barrier.

Again, look at these people…it’s just a signature…right?

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