Can We Talk About Selfies?

steph duran
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Credit: CBS St. Louis Steph Duran
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We all do it…..we ALL take selfies…those prizes of the internet profile pictures.  I’ll even let you in on a secret……ready?    See the picture of me?   No, the one over to the left of the screen.   Yeah, this one <<<<<<<<<.   SELFIE!

Just in case, before we go on, a ‘selfie’ is a picture you take of yourself by holding your camera phone waaaaay out from yourself, or above, or from below (DANGEROUS MOVE!!! EVERYONE….EVERYONE LOOKS FAT FROM THIS ANGLE).

You get to have enough friends on any form of social media, facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Myspace (it’s back!!), etc. etc. etc. and you will be able to spot a selfie at a thousand pixels.

Of course, you’ll notice patterns…..and thank goodness for Buzzfeed, they compiled the whole list of the ’14 Types of Selfies You Find on the Internet.’  Some I had not even heard of yet.   Nice work, Buzzfeed.  Whole list is below….

Now, in honor of this list of all kinds of selfies, gimme your best duckface–     awwww, that’s NICE!

The Types of Selfies

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