9 Year Old Singer Will Blow You Away!

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(Photo credit CLAUDIO PERI/AFP/Getty Images

(Photo credit CLAUDIO PERI/AFP/Getty Images

Move over Jackie Evancho! I didn’t know even know there was a show called “Holland’s Got Talent.” There is.

This little girl is auditioning for the show. Her name is Amira Willighagen and she is 9 years old. Before the song starts the poor little thing looks absolutely terrified. She has never had a singing lesson. Her brother plays the violin. One night when her brother was practicing violin, she began to sing along and her family was stunned.

Fast forward to audition night at Holland’s Got Talent. It doesn’t take long for Amira to blow away the judges, the audience, the country of Holland and now through the magic of the internet, the world!

Enjoy this. This girl’s raw talent, perfect pitch and glorious voice make bring you to tears.

I’d love to see her and Jackie Evancho tour the world!!

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