See What Happens When You Tell Your Kids You Ate Their Halloween Candy

Greg Hewitt
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(Photo courtesy of
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Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel.

He actually convinced parents to record themselves telling their small children that they had eaten their Halloween candy!

The parents were then asked to send these recordings to Jimmy so he could air some of them on his late night show,  Jimmy Kimmel Live.


It does turn out to be a funny bit, there’s no denying it.   But I can tell you, as the Father of three small children, there’s no way I would try this at home.

The amount of kicking, screaming, yelling and promises of retribution down the road would be more than enough for me to take a pass.

But apparently, plenty of parents decided a spot on national television  would be worth the risk.

The show took the solicited reactions, thousands of them from across the country,  and uploaded the best (most emotional) of them to YouTube.

The responses, as any parent of a 7-year-old coming down from a Kit Kat buzz could have told you, were predictable and direct.


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