The Sochi Olympics Are Making Captured Orcas Perform (You Can Guess People’s Reaction)

steph duran
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Credit: CBS St. Louis Steph Duran
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I know we were talking about the documentary ‘Blackfish’ earlier this week…so when I came across this today on ‘Buzzfeed’, the top of my head almost blew off.  Seriously, I went from zero to blind rage in about .08 seconds.

I’ll just attach the whole article, so you can read for yourself, but the jist is that the Sochi Olympics are going to use 2 of the 7 Orcas that were captured…..taken out of the ocean…last summer.

Remember, if you haven’t seen ‘Blackfish’  just yet, it’s available on Netflix.

The whole article, which includes a lot of people’s reactions to this news about the Sochi Olympics using captured Orcas, is HERE….

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