50 Books You May Have Read, But You’ll NEVER Read The Same Way Again!!

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Credit: CBS St. Louis Steph Duran
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One of my most favorite activities is reading….it’s true…I admit it;  I’m a bookworm.   I’m Steph Duran, and I’m a Bookworm (…”Hi Steph…”) .

If you get really involved in some stories, too, you know you have your favorites.   You have books you read for comfort, books you always re-read every couple of years, books or authors you’ll read on someone’s recommendation.

Then there are the well-known stories…the ones we all reference from time to time…  Turns out, some of those have a Ca-Wazy back story…OR they’re not about what you might have exactly thought….

Our trusty Buzzfeed has compiled a list of 50…that’s right, FIFTY, books that you will never, ever read (much less think of) the same way again.  Plus, within the article, highlighted in blue, are more details…  There is a LOT of info.

I plan to finish TWO books I’m working on this week-end…I know….I AM a party animal!   Wooooooo!   Happy Reading to you….whatever it is that you read…   :)


50 Books You’ll Never See The Same

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