Text Topic: Taxes…UGH

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We started “Text Topic of the Day” this morning. It’s an easy way for you to chime in on what we’re talking about everyday! It’s easy to do. Just text us your thoughts at 96750 (message & data rates may apply).

Every morning at 6:10, we will introduce you to our topic of the day and will read some of the text messages we receive. Please don’t text and drive!

Today’s topic was taxes!!! To make it easy we made it multiple choice: A.) It’s the law! I filed way before the deadline. B.) I’m filing today. Don’t judge me! or C.) It’s tax day? Uh oh!!

You guys are on it! Over 85% of our listeners chose A! B came in second and some added they were filing an extension. Just a very few replied with C. Good luck to you guys! Listen tomorrow morning for a new topic. Thanks for participating!!

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