Unique Ideas For Graduation Gifts

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A few weeks ago, I talked about some unique gift ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day, so I thought I would focus on all the hard-working graduates that will be receiving their diploma this Spring. Don’t you think your graduate deserves something nice after all the time & effort they have put in over the years? Whether your grad is graduating from high school & ready to tackle college or maybe they just finished college, I’m sure some of these gift ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Okay, so what graduate wouldn’t appreciate some cash money? I remember my graduation parties full of cards and some big bills, and I LOVED it. Some people may think giving cash is a bit of a cop out & not that creative, but don’t listen to the haters. Cash is always appreciated because it’s diverse. Maybe your graduate wants a new pair of shoes but hasn’t had the funds to splurge. Or maybe they want to buy something for their new dorm room or apartment & you don’t necessarily know their taste & style. Money solves all that, so don’t you dare feel lame for hooking your grad up with some cash monies.

Ahh, yes. What would life be without technology and all the flashy gadgets we have these days? Probably a little less hectic, but where’s the fun in that? There are multiple options for gadgets out there. Maybe your new high school grad is off to college & will need a laptop for their future achievements. Or maybe your graduate just finished college & needs a new fancy, smart phone (if they don’t already have it) for all those important business calls they will be expecting. Tablets are all the craze too, and can serve multiple purposes. Maybe you even want to go another route with a set of new headphones, speakers or even a nice camera. Some of thees can be pretty expensive, so if you’re looking to drop some money, you can’t go wrong with a new tech gadget.

Who doesn’t love to get all fancy from time to time and enjoy accessorizing? Most people do. — Yes, even men like to jump aboard this boat. So why not jazz up your grad’s style with some new bling? For the lady graduates, a nice set of earrings & a matching necklace is elegant & simple. For the graduating gentleman, a new fancy watch or some shiny new cuff links is ideal. Maybe your grad isn’t about being all decked out in jewelry and what not, maybe get the ladies some new hair accessories, and men a few new ties? Maybe even bow-ties if your grad is up for dawning this comeback look. And there is always purses for your female grad. What girl doesn’t love new handbags? Oh, and men? They have handbags, too. Those leather satchels look real nice for carrying your recent grad’s tech gadgets & important documents from place to place.

Now, yes your graduate may not be of the legal drinking age. Don’t worry. If they’re college bound, I bet that grad is going to need plenty of coffee for their late night studying, eh? How about hooking your graduate up with their own personal Keurig? What’s great about Keurigs are that they don’t just have to make coffee. Maybe your grad’s a tea lover — perfect. Or maybe they just like hot chocolate. Either way, Keurigs & their personal drink cups are easy for a small dorm or apartment. Now, if your graduate is a fan of beer or wine, that’s simple. What’s great about St. Louis is that we have such awesome & delicious craft breweries in town and even more awesome wineries in the area. Head to your grad’s favorite beer spot (there are plenty to choose from), pick up a growler of their favorite brew and bam. Easy & tasty present. Bonus points to take them there for a quick tour & enjoy some complementarity tasting! And the wine lover? Hook them up with a bottle of their favorite vino or maybe make a day of heading out to the winery. Both the wine & beer lovers could probably even be rewarded with special trips to their favorite brewery or winery for even more fun. See next idea!

Your recent graduate has been working their tooshes off, don’t you think they deserve a little R&R? How sweet would it be pay for your grad to get pampered to congratulate them on all heir hard work & successes? Massages are great. But you know what’s better than a massage? A massage out of town! Plan a trip for your graduate to get out of town & blow off some steam. What’s great about this? You can probably tag along with and get in on the action. Maybe they always wanted to hit up the night life in Chicago, you could help make it happen. Or maybe they’re the type who wants to hit the lake on Memorial Day weekend to unwind. It’s your call, but what graduate could resist a little getaway?

What was one of your favorite graduation presents? Comment below & let me know!

Have a good one!

-Amy Determan, CBS Radio St. Louis

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