Text Topic of the Day: What’s the Last Thing You Do Before You Go To Sleep?

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I could tell you what I’d LIKE to do right before bed. But this is a (morning) “family” show. Lol

Brush my teeth. (How lame am I? :-/ )

Fold laundry watching TV with my wife after the kids are in bed.

Put the kids to bed, brush my teeth, and sometimes watch “Days of Our Lives” with my wife.

Get up out of the recliner. Walk in a halfsleep state. Eyes halflidded…to bed never leaving the realm of fairy. Signed the blue wizzard


Shower. Who wants all that diet, pollen, & other dirt that flies around in the air during the day in your bed? Most people don’t think about how dirty your hair is at the end of the day

Kiss my husband and tell him I love him.

Scratch my dog

Right before bed I get on my PS3 and end up staying up later than expected.

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