Text Topic of the Day: What Super Power Do You Want?

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I would want the power to FREEZE people so I wouldnt have to deal with them. Howie Ball

The power to heal a very sick loved one.

My super power would where anything I say would be correct. I.e. “I can fly” “I have super strength.”

Teleportation! What an awesome super power that would be. :)

I want the ability to teleport. This 90 minute commute each way every day for work is for the birds!

Power to heal people

To control electronics. So I could short out those window rattling car stereos



Talk to animals, sister wants the power to have everyone around her feel happy… Omg! It’s working! :)

Stop all wars and live in peace.

Would love to be able to channel power like green lantern. And use my mental energy in all respects. Luv the question. The . Blue . Wizzard!

Batman was the MacGyver of the 60s. I want to be able to read minds. Mari

Mind control

Mind control…..plus being invisable would be a bonus.


To read lottery numbers

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