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2nd Grade class

12 Days of Trish-Mas: A Christmas Carol from 2nd graders!

There’s nothing better than hearing kids sing Christmas Carols! Here we visit Mrs. Touzinsky’s 2nd grade class at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque…featuring my nephew Jack!!


Actor Chris Rock (2nd from left) stops by the Waffle House and meets WH employees (L-R) Kiana Huff - Waitress, Blake Parker - Manager and Joe Henry Hurst - Grill Operator on December 9, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Allied)

Trish’s Trash: New Movies & TV this Weekend

Exodus: Gods and Kings-critically acclaimed director Ridley Scott delivers his interpretation of the story of Moses (Christian Bale) as he rises against the Egyptian Pharoah Ramses (Joel Egerton), leading 600,000 slaves on a journey to […]


Miss Gallagher

12 Days of Trish-Mas: Kindergartners on Christmas and Santa (VIDEO)

Kindergartners answer questions about Christmas and Santa


(Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Trish’s Trash: The Most Talked About on Facebook 2014 (it wasn’t your dinner)

What was the MOST talked about on Facebook in 2014?


Ms. Gallant 5th Grade Class

12 Days of Trish-Mas: Trish visits the kids at SMMA

Holiday cheer from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque


(Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Trish’s Trash: Mariah Bombs at Rockefeller Center

What happened to Mariah???/


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 4.41.43 PM

12 Days of Trish-Mas: Hair Tip from Salon Antebellum (nani nani boo boo)

I’ve been teasing my hair wrong all of these years!



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