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It’s Not Easy To Be “Happy” In Iran

This video will get you arrested in Iran

Fresh 102.5–05/21/2014

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Levi’s CEO: Don’t Wash Your Jeans!

Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh says you should keep your jeans out of the washing machine.  In fact, he claims he owns a pair of jeans he hasn’t washed in over a year! Now there’s a [...]

Fresh 102.5–05/21/2014

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Socks WITH Sandals Now Deemed “Trendy” By Fashion Industry

No, this is NOT an alternate universe

Fresh 102.5–05/19/2014

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News Anchor Puts Whiny Viewers Upset With Tornado Coverage In Their Place

Everyone has their breaking point

Fresh 102.5–05/13/2014

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How Popular Will YOUR Name Be In 25 Years? Find Out With The “Baby Name Predictor”

Enter YOUR NAME in the “Baby Name Predictor”

Fresh 102.5–05/13/2014

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The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Costs Of Your Teen’s Senior Prom

How do you handle the “prom issue” with your teenager?

Fresh 102.5–05/09/2014

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Most Irritating Person In World History Interrupts Live Newscast

TV reporter exhibits zen-like focus

Fresh 102.5–05/07/2014

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Do The Songs You Remember From Childhood Influence Your Musical Tastes Today?

This could be scary in some cases (like mine)

Fresh 102.5–05/06/2014


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