Greg Hewitt

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A Lennon/McCartney Mashup For The Ages

Even as solo artists they were in synch

Fresh 102.5–04/14/2014

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Hockey Coach’s Son Singing National Anthem Will Touch Your Heart

There wasn’t a dry eye in the arena afterwards

Fresh 102.5–04/10/2014

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Kidding Or Not, James Franco Is Still A Little Creepy

What was he thinking?

Fresh 102.5–04/07/2014

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GREG: Why We’ll Miss David Letterman

Set to retire at the end of his current contract in 2015.

Fresh 102.5–04/04/2014

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Greg’s 12 Most Interesting Cardinals Player Names of All-Time

Journeyman infielder Stubby Clapp made his mark

Fresh 102.5–03/31/2014

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(VIDEO): Crocodile Attacks Video Camera, Cameraman Takes Extended Leave Of Absence

This is why you NEVER swim with the Crocs

Fresh 102.5–03/26/2014

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Crestwood Plaza Could Be Yours…Literally.

The” Ultra Mall” Had It ALL!

Fresh 102.5–03/24/2014

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What To Do (And Not To Do) When A Friend Loses Their Job

“Did you hear about (insert name)? Yeah, they just got let go from (Insert Company).”

Fresh 102.5–03/19/2014

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Funny LA News Anchor Reactions To Morning Earthquake

TV News is harder than ever in the age of YouTube.

Fresh 102.5–03/17/2014