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At Last! The Corrected Version of ‘Ironic’!!!

In April of 1996, Alanis Morissette  had what became her biggest hit in the United States, ‘Ironic.’  Too many jokes to number have been made over the fact that little to none of the song [...]

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How Many Shades of Grey Are There? Ask One Direction

Meaning, if you’re a true One Direction freak, you’re gonna be out there buying 5 different copies of the same magazine. GQ are quite the $$$ making machine. KAAACHING!

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Oh. Oh No. I Would’ve Gone With 7-10 Epidurals, Please.

So yes. Giving birth is different for every woman. But this woman…I have no words. Below, please find a link to the picture of a newborn that came into the world WITHOUT A C-SECTION PEOPLE! I don’t know about you but suddenly I need a handful of Aleve.

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I Did WHAT Last Night??

Then came the making muffins at 3 am, yummy, but i certainly don’t remember it.


A diver feeds a shark at the Aquarium in

Sometimes, the Fish Under the Water Are Bigger Than You Think They Are. Much, MUCH Bigger.

So I came across this video this week. It’s from a dive team just off the coast of northern California on Tuesday. They accidentally got into the feeding zone of a few humpback whales without knowing it. Let me tell you, the humpback whales were huuuunnnnggggry!

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Just What Do You Mean, It Wasn’t REAL, Miss Miley??

It was about 350 hair extensions….. That had to hurt like a son of a b…..ig dog.

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Anthony Weiner Scandal Leads To Resignation

Anthony Weiner Falls From Grace Again….Courtesy of His Namesake. Again.

Anthony Weiner’s online sexy chat name is Carlos Danger. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy….

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When Was the Last Time You Were Surprised in a GOOD Way?

So needless to say, I learned a BIG lesson. I was all set to be disappointed, to be angry, to be let down. Instead, I was impressed, I was more comfortable on a flight than I have ever been and I was ashamed of the assumptions I had made.

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Oh No! I Like John Mayer Again!

I’m more on-off with John Mayer than HE is with all the women he sees.


Premiere Of Touchstone Pictures & Miramax Films' "The Tempest" - Arrivals

Katy Perry Made Me Cry Like A Little Girl Last Night, You Guys!

When Russell Brand, Katy Perry’s husband texts her and demands a divorce, they show that! When she is physically ill after being told her marriage is done, they show that!