What to Do During a Rain Delay!

Ride a roller coaster, have a wrestling match, have a dance-off! Read on to watch the creative things some ballplayers do to kill time during rain delays…


Another Philly first…fan tasered in center field!

You never know what’ll show up on the field  at a Philadelphia  baseball game…batteries…snowballs…a Taser gun!  This incident occurred at Citizens Bank Park during our team’s game on Monday night, May 3, 2010, as one of […]


Here’s how you avoid the tag at home plate!

The next time Albert runs through Oquendo’s stop sign at 3rd base, let’s see him do THIS at home plate!!!  Fordham University’s Brian Kownacki invents a new Olympic sport on this play.  Watch as WFUV’s Gregg Caserta […]


Meet The Cardinals’ Newest “(Belly) Bomber”

Here is what it looks like.  Here’s whats in it:  XL bun, 2- dill pickles slices, bacon wrapped hot dog, baked beans (optional), spicy mayo sauce, BBQ sauce, Pico de Gallo, and Fried onion rings.  […]


See The Classic “Who’s On First” For Opening Day

The classic routine from Abbot & Costello’s classic 1945 film “”The Naughty Nineties”.  Still very funny after all these years.


Opening Day with Former Cardinals’ Player Mike Matheny

Former Cards’ catcher, Mike Matheny talks with Ed about our Opening Day Rally at Keiner Plaza and the upcoming HS All-Metro All-Star game.


Its Baseball Season: Listen to The Classic “Who’s On First”

It wouldn’t be Opening Day for baseball around St Louis, without us playing this classic bit of comedy.  Done in 1938 and popular ever since, here’s Abbot & Costello in uniform performing their classic, “Who’s On […]


Opening Day Rally 2010

KEZK and National City bring you St. Louis’ Opening Day Baseball Rally, Monday April 12th  in Keiner Plaza