Amazing Site Allows You to Find Perfect Canine Match!

Warning: you may spend so much time on this fun website that your job will suffer!  :) You MUST check out this new site developed by Pedigree that matches you to the dog that most […]


Pet of the Week: Bailey

Bailey is a 3-year-old Beagle mix with a tricolor coat. He is a very friendly dog who likes to greet people with a smile and a tail wag. He’s a smart boy who would catch […]


Pet of the Week: Pilgrim

Pilgrim is a 3-year-old Chow/Australian Shepard Dog mix with a fluffy tan and white coat. Pilgrim has beautiful markings on his face and ears. He has a very unique personality to match his unique look. […]


Amazing Pet Story: Dog Crawls Home On Broken Legs After Tornado

His name is Mason, and he is one determined Doggie! Watch his story here…you might want to have some tissues handy. 


Pet of the Week: Jack

Jack is a 1-year-old Lab mix with a shiny black and white coat. Jack is an energetic young guy, full of playful puppy energy. He would do best in a home with a big fenced […]


Best Talking Dog EVER!! Check Out the Ultimate Dog Tease!

Do you ever tease your dog with treats? Come on, admit it, we’ve all done it! My dog LIVES for treats. In fact, I figure that his name for me is probably “Treat Goddess”. Watch […]


Dog Plays Fetch By Himself!!

This pic is of my dog, Doc. He is OBSESSED with tennis balls. A couple of weeks ago we decided we would see how many times he would fetch the ball before he got tired. We gave […]


Pet of the Week: Dakota

Dakota is a 2-year-old Pit Bull/ Labrador retriever mix with a black and white coat. She is a good natured girl whose tail is always wagging and the markings on her face make her look […]


Pet of the Week: Dolly

Dolly is a 1-year-old Border Collie mix with a black and white coat. Dolly is a pretty girl with lots of energy. She would make a great running partner or student for agility training. She […]


Pet of the Week: Corbin

He is a 3 – year – old Chow mix.  He likes to play fetch, go for car rides, and he even likes to swim!  His favorite things include cuddling and water.  According to his […]





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