Pet of the Week: Johnny Cougar

Johnny Cougar is a 1 year-old Coonhound mix with a tricolor coat.  He has a personality all his own, and he has quickly become a staff favorite. He’s definitely a charmer with his big eyes […]


Dogs Dressed Like People And Worshiping Justin Bieber

No, it’s not a new religious cult, it’s a short video that promotes having your pet spayed or neutered and [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]. It’s called, “Fix the Ones You Love”. It’s a bit disturbing and […]


The Dog That Will Eat ANYTHING

He looks so cute and non-threatening, right? But looks are deceiving. This little sweetheart can and will eat ANYTHING he can get his teeth on. Read on for the list of assorted items he attempted […]


Pet Costumes for Halloween

What a hoot!  We found some great video stills of how folks have dressed their dogs for Halloween.  They are remarkably fun and funny.  And it even looks as if the dogs don’t mind too, […]


Strange Things Dogs Eat

  Maryann was talking with Ed this morning on the KEZK Morning Show about the emergency surgery her great dane Maximus  had to have because he “ate some mysterious object” (which turned out to be a squeaky […]


Hey… Remember Us??!!!

Here we are back in April, 10 weeks old, and ready to go home with Mary Ann & Nick.  Well….780 pounds of puppy food later……we’re celebrating a birthday.  We are 7 months, and if you want […]


The video you would never show Shari Lewis!

Guess Pearl isn’t the only beast having fun at our house!


Worlds Ugliest Dog – 2010

And your winner is….


Some Very Funny Dog Videos

If you missed “Marmaduke” this past weekend at the movies (or even if you didn’t) here are some very funny videos of our best friend at his or her best.


Who Listens Better? Family Dog or Family Husband?

According to an survey, 1/3rd of pet owning women think their pets are better listeners than their husband or significant other.  Conversely only 18% of married men said their pets are better listeners than […]





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