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15 Things That Happen When You Fall for a Neat Freak

Are you falling for a neat freak? Find out below!


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10 Romantic Things Girls (Actually) Want to Hear

What do you want to hear when your in a romantic relationship?


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Do you like me? Check Yes or No. An 11-year-old boy’s letter has gone viral. So cute!

An 11-year-old boy’s super-serious response to his crush’s letter has gone viral. A Reddit user posted a photo of the piece of notebook paper containing the exchange and explained that it belonged to her friend’s […]


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Love at First Flight

Man uses Twitter to find a girl he met on flight



Worst Way You Were Dumped or Dumped Someone…..

A new topic everyday at 6:10!



The Power of Friendship (You Have To See & Grab a Tissue)

The true story of friendship and love


Organic Farms Likely To Benefit From Dioxin Scandal

Eating Habits Impact Love Life

Eat your veggies ladies!


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It’s Not Just The Warmth, It’s The Love

What would you do if you saw a little boy sitting at the bus stop in the freezing cold, wearing no coat and shivering from the cold?


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For Those Of Us Who Are Single On Valentine’s Day

As most people know, not everyone is in a relationship. I say most people, because there are those people who are newly in love….and therefore they believe everyone is newly in love….and isn’t it wonderful…??? Hold me back. I’m beggin’ ya.

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