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’80s Dating Tips for Women

What are some of your best flirting techniques?


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Five Ways Men and Women Sense Things Differently

What do you think men and women see differently?



Little Things Families Fight Over

A new survey found the average family has 300 FIGHTS every year over stupid little things.


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Your House Isn’t Haunted . . . It’s Just Dirty

If you keep seeing GHOSTS around your house, your answer isn’t Ghostbusters . . . you need to call someone slightly less cool:  A certified and licensed mold removal specialist.   A study out of […]


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19 Signs You Really Need to Get a Dog

If you find yourself oohing and aahing over every dog that you come across, it’s likely that you are canine-deprived at home. Here are 10 signs that you really need to get a dog, courtesy […]


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When Is It Okay to Just Say “Happy Birthday” on Facebook?

When is it appropriate to just send a Happy Birthday Facebook message?


Organic Farms Likely To Benefit From Dioxin Scandal

Eating Habits Impact Love Life

Eat your veggies ladies!


65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Trish’s Trash: Hot Guys from Each State Including Missouri

The 50 Hot Men From Each State


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Trish’s Trash: Movies that Make Men Cry

What movies make your men cry??


Is Your Man Growing Moobs?

Men suffer with their body image much the same as a woman does. There is a media type of perfection that men are influenced by that includes thin, tall, dark men. Most men don’t put […]