Pet Adoption

Photo by Trish Gazall.

Porcelli’s Pets: Jimmy

Jimmy a 3 year old Pug mix, would make a great addition to your family!!


Photo by Trish Gazall

Porcelli’s Pets: Ralphie

Jamie Case from Gateway Pet Guardians came by once again this morning and introduced us to Ralphie.


Photo by: Trish Gazall

Porcelli’s Pets: Kinley

Kinley is available for adoption!


Photo by Trish Gazall

Porcelli’s Pets: Rocko

Jamie Case from Gateway Pet Guardians came by this morning and introduce us to Rocko.



Pet Of The Week – Fanny

Fanny is an 8-month-old pit bull with a gorgeous chocolate-colored coat. This little lady has been at the shelter since December, so she is ready to go home!


Photo by Susan Thomas

Porcelli’s Pets: Munich

This is Munich. She is about 5 years old and is as sweet as can be.



Pet Of The Week, Cash

Cash is a 7-year-old Boxer mix who is white except for a brown spot over his eye and ear. In his future forever home, Cash wants a big, comfy bed where he can stretch his legs.


Credit: Trish Gazall (CBS Radio)

Porcelli’s Pets: DeNiro

Today on our inaugural edition of “Porcelli’s Pets” we featured DeNiro, a gorgeous Basset/Bulldog Mix.



Pet Of The Week – Lasarah

Lasarah is an adorable 5-year-old brown tabby domestic shorthair cat. This pretty kitty is friendly and affectionate, and her favorite place to lounge is your lap!


Credit: Humane Society of Missouri

Pet Of The Week – Ebunezer

Ebunezer is a brown and white French Lop, which is a sociable breed of rabbit known for big, droopy ears.