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7 Bizarre Items for Sale on Etsy

Looking for a wacky gift for one of your friends? Make sure to take a look at Etsy before you leave for the store!

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Five Ways Men and Women Sense Things Differently

What do you think men and women see differently?



Little Things Families Fight Over

A new survey found the average family has 300 FIGHTS every year over stupid little things.


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Trish’s Trash: What would you choose, beautiful or average?

Are you beautiful or are you average?


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Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig Rated Most Effective Diets

A new Johns Hopkins study shows that Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, two dieting programs that have been around for decades, are far more effective than their newfangled foes. Over the course of a year, […]


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14 Struggles Every Woman Who Hates Mornings Can Relate To

The struggle is real… am I right ladies?


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Your House Isn’t Haunted . . . It’s Just Dirty

If you keep seeing GHOSTS around your house, your answer isn’t Ghostbusters . . . you need to call someone slightly less cool:  A certified and licensed mold removal specialist.   A study out of […]


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17 Things Only Forgetful People Will Understand

If you’re the type of person who needs to write down notes for every little thing that needs to be done, you’re sure to relate to Buzzfeed’s list of 17 things only forgetful people will […]


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19 Signs You Really Need to Get a Dog

If you find yourself oohing and aahing over every dog that you come across, it’s likely that you are canine-deprived at home. Here are 10 signs that you really need to get a dog, courtesy […]


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VIRAL VIDEO: Lip-Synching Through The Ages

A female trio has hooked the Internet with a catchy, fun viral video where they lip-synch to popular songs from each decade.